Exercise in photoshop and sales images

After deciding to sell my Surface Pro 2 after it has sat unused for months and months, I needed to take pictures, and I might as well take some decent ones.

So…lighting comes from the K5600 Alpha 800 fresnel and a bounce card on a set of materials available at the studio.

Light photoshop work to cleanup the last bits of dust and ensure color accuracy created the final images seen above.


Morning mountain biking

This morning, I threw the bike in the box, and headed to one of my favorite local trails at OCNP.

The trail conditions were tacky and firm, producing some great moments of grip, yet being a bit slippery over the logs and roots. After 17.5 miles of pedaling, I did have to call it a day for riding and return to the real world of responsibilities at home.


Currently thinking of flying high over the water.

I am quite happy that we have been getting so much water here in Texas, as the years past have been dismally dry. It means a return to the lake, to good times, and to some of the best friends I could ever ask for gathering in one place for at least a few weekends of the year. 

I can’t wait for the first chance to take some time out from my schedule to get out to the water and thrash myself learning new tricks, only to come up from getting slammed with a smile on my face. 

My camera will be out there with me again this year, hopefully capturing more images like this one!

Until next time,

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