Hiking Carbon Glacier trail to Green Lake

Christina and I went to Seattle. Our goal was to visit friends, hike, drink, and eat. I think we succeeded.

These are images from a lovely trip I recently took with my friend Christina to the Seattle area of Washington State. We were in dire need of getting out of Dallas before the heavy shooting season in the studio began for me and school kicked back into the swing of things for her. This opportunity came upon us quickly through a mutual friend needing some help. We said why not, booked flights, prepped gear, and made the jump.
Our itinerary took us towards the Cascades and into Downtown Seattle for the majority of the trip. Beer was consumed, miles walked, film shot, and delicious food destroyed.

This set of images come from Mount Rainier National Park when we decided to hike to Ranger Falls, then venture to Green Lake. The weather was gorgeous and the hike sublime, making for a wonderful day out on the trail.

Stay tuned for more later.


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