Mountain Dreaming

There are times in life when we dream. Some call it wanderlust, others call it an insatiable need to just be away. I tend to think that it falls somewhere in the middle. I see our dreams as a way we plan, remember, or just let go.

Today, I was dreaming about the mountains of Montana, brought upon by working my collection down to a set number of images to submit for a Magnum Masterclass competition put on by Folson. I decided to revisit some of the images from two years ago, when I was out on my first long term assignment.

Backpacker Magazine chose me as one of two ambassadors to create content for the Montana Board of Tourism for their yearly advertorial campaign. On extremely short notice, I packed my vehicle, called one of my adventure buddies, and hit the road. I was all over the North part of the state, creating image after image while writing about the experiences I took in.

I miss the state, my friends I made along the way, and the memories I made.

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