Piney River Ranch

A day and night in the Piney River Ranch near Vail, Co. leads to some great images and experiences.

Hopefully you enjoy the images.


Quartz Mountain Meteor Shower

In the middle of July, two of my friends and I ventured to the mostly flat state of Oklahoma to go climbing and leave the Dallas area.

Upon arriving, the sky was dark and the temp unusually low for the time of the year. I took the opportunity to set up my camera and work on capturing meteors and stars as they passed in the night sky.

Once daylight broke, we rose from our tents to see that we had been socked in by a low hanging bank of clouds producing some heavy fog/light mist. This dashed our plans to get up early and climb, though it did allow for a rather delightful breakfast and slow morning.

We did manage to get on the granite eventually, and were able to do two long single pitch climbs.

All in all, this was a great trip to get away and start the shakedown process for getting ready for some big wall and multi-pitch climbing over labor day weekend.


Mountain Dreaming

There are times in life when we dream. Some call it wanderlust, others call it an insatiable need to just be away. I tend to think that it falls somewhere in the middle. I see our dreams as a way we plan, remember, or just let go.

Today, I was dreaming about the mountains of Montana, brought upon by working my collection down to a set number of images to submit for a Magnum Masterclass competition put on by Folson. I decided to revisit some of the images from two years ago, when I was out on my first long term assignment.

Backpacker Magazine chose me as one of two ambassadors to create content for the Montana Board of Tourism for their yearly advertorial campaign. On extremely short notice, I packed my vehicle, called one of my adventure buddies, and hit the road. I was all over the North part of the state, creating image after image while writing about the experiences I took in.

I miss the state, my friends I made along the way, and the memories I made.

Mens Fashion Test with Chris Brooks

I had the pleasure of shooting a fashion concept test with Chris Brooks of Kim Dawson Agency.

The images below are excerpts from the concept of ‘Lost from the City’

After a night out, a man’s acquaintances of the night have dropped him in the middle of nowhere. He must find his way back to civilization. Does he make it?

Styling by Mona Hart.

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Hiking Carbon Glacier trail to Green Lake

Christina and I went to Seattle. Our goal was to visit friends, hike, drink, and eat. I think we succeeded.

These are images from a lovely trip I recently took with my friend Christina to the Seattle area of Washington State. We were in dire need of getting out of Dallas before the heavy shooting season in the studio began for me and school kicked back into the swing of things for her. This opportunity came upon us quickly through a mutual friend needing some help. We said why not, booked flights, prepped gear, and made the jump.
Our itinerary took us towards the Cascades and into Downtown Seattle for the majority of the trip. Beer was consumed, miles walked, film shot, and delicious food destroyed.

This set of images come from Mount Rainier National Park when we decided to hike to Ranger Falls, then venture to Green Lake. The weather was gorgeous and the hike sublime, making for a wonderful day out on the trail.

Stay tuned for more later.


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